Our Story

ISOKOMA NORI is a Japanese cuisine product manufacturer specializing in roasted nori seaweed products, flavorful powdered drinks (lattes) and furikake seasonings perfect for rice, soups, and salads.

The company is based in in Mariko, Suruga Ward in Shizuoka City of the Shizuoka Prefecture in an area that was known as “Mariko-shuku” — the twentieth post-town of the fifty-three stations of the Tōkaidō (東海道五十三次)— which thrived back in the Edo period.

We are located in close proximity to our farms and process and manufacture all ISOKOMA NORI products at our plant in Shizouka City.

Mission Statement

ISOKOMA NORI manufactures the highest quality roasted nori seaweed as well as other culinary products with rich Japanese flavors that are enjoyed throughout the world. Sourcing directly from our farms in Japan, our clean and precise manufacturing process provides consistency and freshness people know and trust. 

Sustainability Statement

As “one of the world’s most sustainable and nutritious crops” (The New Yorker), nori is a renewable resource. Nori harvest methods have been perfected since it became a staple in Japanese diets during the Edo period. 

The company sources ingredients from farms in the local area, where the company works directly with the farmer. The concept of “farm to table” and our processing methods ensure freshness and quality of our furikake, nori and powdered latte products. 


February 1984 – Company was founded by Mr. Fukada Sr.

November 1998 – ISOKOMA expanded by acquiring land and buildings to move manufacturing plant. Company able to produce more products.

November 2011 – Company acquired land and buildings in Kitamariko.

January 2013 – ISOKOMA was adopted for Shizuoka City Project to create a souvenir for the city.

June 2014 – Sakuraebi Furikake and Matcha Latte won the ITQI Superior Taste Award.

June 2015 – Sakuraebi Furikake, Wasabi Furikake  and Matcha Latte won the ITQI Superior Taste Award.

ISOKOMA NORI Company Store

July 2015 – Company invested in CREA FARM CO., Ltd. to develop Shizouka olive products.

December 2015 – Received HALAL Certification for Fujisan Kara Sekai, allowing us to sell to new markets internationally.

September 2016 – Company stock increased capital to JPY 1,100M.

December 2016 – Participated in SIAL Middle East (Abu Dhabi). Purple Sweet Potato latte was selected as SIAL INNOVATION award.

June 2017 – Participated in Food Taipei 2017

August 2017 – Accepted for Shizuoka Pref. Project Challenge to Sell Products Internationally

October 2017 – Participated in Food Week Korea

February 2018 – Participated in Gulfood Dubai

July 2018 – Selected by Jetro as a support company

June 2018 – Participated in Food Taipai 2018

Mr. Kosuke Fukada 深田 浩介
President of ISOKOMA Nori
Receiving 2017 Superior Taste Award

We are seeking distributors and business partners across the world.