Natto Furikake from ISOKOMA Nori

We use freeze-dried grouted Natto, made of quality fermented soy beans, for you to enjoy this classic savory flavor. Seasoned bonito flakes made in our special method accent this one-of-a-kind rice seasoning. By freeze-drying Natto, we are able to maintain nutrition, flavor and consistency, which will not be affected by moisture, making it a long-lasting product when stored at room temperature.

Eating Natto has many health benefits including being high in protein, vitamin K, calcium and iron, and due to its fermentation process, it is a probiotic-rich food. It can also help to reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system, increase bone strength, and improve heart health. High in fiber, natto is often consumed with breakfast, but our Natto Furikake is good at any meal.

natto furikake

Fermented Soybean Natto

Natto is made from soybeans that have been fermented with yeast. Because of its great nutritional characteristics, natto enthusiasts do not mind the cheese-like aroma. In fact, some people compare the taste of natto to blue cheese. It is a favorite breakfast food for many Japanese.

natto furikake

Natto Furikake Ingredients

Flavored sesame (Sesame, Soy sauce (contains wheat and/or soy), Glucose, Salt, Yeast extract), Dry Natto, Flavored Bonito (Dried and shaved skipjack tuna, Sugar, Fish Sauce, Salt, Yeast, Mirin), Dried Seaweed, Green Laver Powder

Contains: Wheat, Soy, Sesame

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