Sakuraebi Shrimp Furikake from ISOKOMA Nori

In this product, we use a luxurious amount of dried “sakura shrimp”, also known as the jewelry of the ocean, a rare specialty at the Suruga Bay. You can enjoy the tasty flavor from the generous mix of dried sakura shrimp.

sakuraebi furikake

Sakura Shrimp from Japan's Suruga Bay

Sakura shrimp live in coastal areas, primarily in Suruga Bay in Shizuoka Prefecture, where they are plentiful. This is where ISOKOMA NORI harvests shrimp for our Sakuraebi Furikake. Rather than crawling on the ocean floor as do other species of shrimp, the Sakura shrimp spends its life floating in the water.

Fishermen harvest the shrimp between March and June and October and December by trawling with nets at night. The shrimp is sun dried, inspected and packaged for you to enjoy. 

sakuraebi furikake isokoma

Sakuraebi (Shrimp) Furikake Ingredients

Flavored sesame (Sesame, Soy sauce (contain wheat and/or soy), Glucose, Salt, Yeast extract), Seasoning granule (Lactose, Salt, Shrimp powder, Sugar, Cornstarch, Shrimp extract, Yeast extract), Sakuraebi shrimp (from the Suruga Bay Japan), Dried seaweed, Green laver powder, Seasoning (amino acids, etc.), Annatto pigment

Contains: Wheat, Milk, Shrimp, Soy, Sesame

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