Wasabi Furikake from ISOKOMA Nori

The spicy kick of wasabi goes remarkably well with seasoned bonito (skipjack tuna) flakes, eggs and Japanese wasabi stems, making you want more and more.

The flavor of ISOKOMA Nori’s Wasabi Furikake is thanks to not only seasoned sesame seeds, but also rich and fragrant green laver and savory roasted seaweed. It is infused with seafood flavors with a Japanese wasabi finish.

Clean Water & Mild Climate

Japan’s Sizuoka prefecture is known as the birthplace of Wasabi because of its clean, abundant water that runs across the prefecture as well as the mild climate. These conditions are perfect to grow wasabi.

Wasabi Furikake Ingredients

Flavored sesame (Sesame, Soy sauce (contain wheat and/or soy), Glucose, Salt, Yeast extract), Flavored dried shaved bonito (Skipjack tuna shavings, Sugar, Soy sauce, Salt), Granule egg, Dried seaweed, Wasabi, Green laver powder, Seasoning (amino acids, etc.), Flavor, Coloring (Gardenia, Safflower), Baking powder

Contains: Wheat, Milk, Egg, Soy, Sesame

ISOKOMA Furikake Flavors


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