Sesame Furikake from ISOKOMA Nori

Our Goma Nori Sesame Furikake is a mix of specially-seasoned sesame seeds, thinly-cut seaweed and Japanese dried green laver. Though it may sound simple, this is the most popular Furikake at Isokoma Nori given its profound flavor. The smokiness from the seasoned sesame seeds, the rich savor of dried green laver and the fragrance of the ocean coming from roasted seaweed will fill your mouth with delight. It has been adored by many for its level of saltiness, just right and not too salty for everyday dishes.

Gomanori Furikake
gomanori sesame seed furikake

Goma Nori (Sesame) Furikake Ingredients

Flavored sesame (Soy Sauce, Glucose, Salt, Yeast Extract), Dried Sea Weed, Green Laver Powder

Contains: Wheat, Soy, Sesame

ISOKOMA Furikake Flavors


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