What is Nori Seaweed?

Commonly dried and roasted for use in Japanese cuisine, Nori is edible seaweed. The best nori is cultivated in the Ariake Sea.

ISOKOMA’s nori is grown in the saltwater of the Ariake Sea off of the island of Kyushu in Japan. It is delicious wrapped around sushi and onigiri and used as a flavorful garnish on noodles and in soups.

Vegan and vegetarian diets benefit from the addition of nori as it is a good source of Vitamin A and B12.

Yaki Nori Seaweed

Our most popular nori is the Yaki Nori Seaweed that is roasted and dried to preserve its delicious crispy texture and natural ocean aromatic qualities. ISOKOMA Nori is sold in packs of 10 sheets, in dark and medium color grades.

yaki nori seaweed sheets black package
yaki nori seaweed sheets white package
The nori seaweed in our freshness sealed yaki nori packs is high grade with the best flavor due to having more umami in it. The black 10 pack is the darkest grade nori while the silver 10 pack is the medium grade. This attention to quality is what makes ISOKOMA Nori known throughout the world for its superior taste.
yaki nori grades

Kizaminori Thinly-cut Yakinori Seaweed

Bring flavor to your dish with our thin cut nori seaweed sprinkled on top of any meal. We carefully select the best nori and make it available in small packs so it is easy to portion and to take with you for eating away from home. Cut in 3mm pieces, it is perfect sprinkled on any dish. 

kizami nori in package

Onigiri Seaweed Sheet

This onigiri seaweed sheet is individually wrapped in a special film so that you can make a fresh, beautifully-wrapped rice ball (like the ones sold at convenience stores) easily at home.

Perfect for lunch, picnic and many more occasions. You can enjoy the crunchiness of seaweed in your rice ball as you wrap it right before eating.

onigri sheet package isokoma

Ajitsuke Nori ~ Seasoned Nori Seaweed

If you haven’t tried ajitsuke nori, you are in for a treat. We harvest, dry and roast our nori in Japan and then flavor it with a mix of soy sauce, mirin (sweet Japanese sake) and seasonings. 


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